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Developing a mobile app as a consultant

Working as a consultant designer at Zure gave me the opportunity to improve my design skills by working in unique projects. Through project work, I’ve enjoyed learning how to find out the actual goals of the customer. Planning and discussing with customers are the key elements of a successful project.

Seure: OmaSeure

I joined the development team with the main purpose of improving the mobile app OmaSeure. There was a need for improving the usability with visual redesign and new features. The UI needed to be more supportive of the user goals: finding and booking shifts. I started by mapping out all the user journey paths as screens in Figma. By having all the screens visible, it was easier to plan the redesign and implement it. I redesigned the visual UI to be more modern and to make it more supportive of the UX goals, which made it more easier to design new features.

After the redesign, I supported the developers implementing it, while designing new features. The client seemed happy with the outcome and it matched the Seure brand.

Read more about Seure project at Zure´s website

Air quality graph

Although the end product was just a one page website for data visualization, there was plenty of design work to be done. I started by planning a kick-off with customers and a developer to match our ideas about the product. After kick-off, I focused on thinking about the user interactions and how to present the data in the design in an interesting way. After some feedback from the company, the product was iterated and in the end, the project was completed in the pre-estimated time.

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