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Developing a mobile app as a consultant

Working as a consultant designer at Zure gave me the opportunity to improve my design skills by working in unique project, such as Seure mobile app. Through the project work, I learned that discussing with customers to learn their goals and needs is the key of a successful project.

Seure: OmaSeure

I joined the development team with the main purpose of improving the mobile app OmaSeure. There was a need for improving the usability with visual redesign and new features. The UI needed to be more supportive of the user goals: finding and booking shifts. I started by mapping out all the user journey paths as screens in Figma. By having all the screens visible, it was easier to plan the redesign and implement it. I redesigned the visual UI to be more modern and to make it more supportive of the UX goals, which made it more easier to design new features.

After the redesign, I supported the developers implementing it, while designing new features. The client seemed happy with the outcome and it matched the Seure brand.

Read more about Seure project at Zure´s website


2021 - 2022


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UI&UX designer

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