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Accommodation services

Accommodation services

Enhancing internal tool and redesigning front page

Internal tool

The company used a custom-made internal tool for managing the apartments they provided. I joined the team to further improve the tool by adding new features. Together with a service designer, we held interviews to find relevant information. This information was crucial when I designed a new feature for improving the managing of apartment information. After initial design, I gathered feedback from users by having them interact with the prototype. This helped to further iterate and polish the design. Alongside new features, I improved the internal tool Desing System by revamping Figma components to increase their usability and unified styles, such as colors and typography to help syncing them with code tokens.

Front Page: A Collaborative Approach to Innovation

Redesigning the company front page was a team effort. The project team joined a design sprint to help gather information and get stakeholders on board with the project. After that, we split the design work with the design team to tasks. I designed content blocks for the page. Using customer segments provided by the client, I designed multiple mock-up pages, where the content blocks were based on the relevancy for the selected customer segment and the business needs related to them. With this approach, it was clear to us which segments to be used as targets and which blocks were relevant for multiple segments. The segment mock-ups also helped the client to create targeted landing pages. After selecting the most suitable blocks, I designed the visual look and interactions based on the client brand. With the design team, we checked that the front page felt whole and seamless. By using a well-defined design process, the front page improved tremendously and met the customer needs and business goals.


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