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Car webshop

Improving car searching with customer insights

Leveraging extensive customer research conducted by service designers, I focused on designing the site´s front page with a clear emphasis on search filters. Based on the research, it was clear that the customer already had knowledge on what type of car they wanted to find. After the initial design of the front page was done, customer interviews were used to validate the design, leading to iterative design improvements. After the front page was fully designed and approved by the client, the same process was applied to the next parts of the purchase flow: search results and product pages. By using client feedback and user validation, I succesfully designed a seamless purchase flow for both desktop and mobile.

The well-structured design process resulted in a highly favorable outcome, significantly enhancing the website´s usability. The user´s journey of finding a suitable car was more straightforward than before, making the purchase process easier and faster.




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Desktop and mobile images of a car webshop
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