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Working as a consultant with wide range of customers

At Wunderdog, I´ve designed diverse products such as landing pages, customer portals, and internal tools for clients, including a car sales webshop, a trade union and an insurance company. Collaborating closely with developers, I’ve utilized agile methodologies like Scrum and implemented design systems.

Customer portal for an insurance company

The customer portal had underwent partial redesign, but many major pages and functionalities were not yet designed. The goals of the redesign were to focus on improving information accessibility, reduce customer service contacts, and enhance mobile-friendliness. The goals were something that I kept in mind through the whole design process.

Collaborating with a service designer and project manager, I initiated the redesign with the Bills-page. We benchmarked similar services, and I crafted the initial design draft, which was used to gather feedback through usability interviews run by the service designer. I iterated the design based on the feedback. After that, I extended the redesign to the Own insurances-page and used the same method of looping design and user feedback. The process was continued with other pages such as Messages and Offers.

The customer was happy with the redesigned pages and continues to develop the portal. Insurance is a complex industry, so the design process was very iterative and flexible to ensure that the portal fulfilled not only the user needs but also the business and juristic.

Designing a car sales webshop

Leveraging extensive customer research conducted by service designers, I focused on designing the site´s front page with a clear emphasis on search filters. Most often the customer already had some knowledge on what type of car they wanted to find. Customer interviews validated the importance of this approach, leading to iterative design improvements. The same process was applied to search results and product pages, involving client discussions and user validation for a seamless purchase flow.

The well-structured design process resulted in a highly favorable outcome, significantly enhancing the website´s usability. The user´s journey of finding a suitable car was more straightforward than before, making the purchase process easier and faster.

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